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Antwerp has a lot of surprising highlights, such as The Antwerp Zoo is one of Europe’s oldest and most attractive city zoos. And a beach: St Anneke, on the Left Bank. Not only the beach is pretty unique for a city inland, the city also boasts a deep sea port 80 km inland. As you can see, Antwerp does everything that little bit differently. And with Ingress you will find your way through the city. We will welcome you. 








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Whatever is on your city-trip checklist, Antwerp can offer it. The city is full of surprising highlights, discover them all during your stay in Antwerp.

The cultural capital of Flanders, the Dutch-speaking northern area of Belgium, Antwerp is both a bustling industrial port city and an outstanding historic center for Belgian craftwork and artistry. The city was once home to such famous artists as Rubens, van Dyck, and Jordaens, while centuries of prosperity through trade and commerce have bequeathed an inheritance of architectural beauty, which includes the magnificent cathedral, the town hall, and many other outstanding historical buildings in the old town center. For art-lovers and culture-vultures Antwerp’s excellent museums are a vital stop on any Belgian itinerary. In particular, the city’s paintings – an incomparable collection of 15th- to 17th-century masterpieces from a time when the work of artists of the South Netherlands school attained extraordinary heights – is a highlight of any visit.

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