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Welcome Resistance Agent. Explore Busan, South Korea. Unique. Cosmopolitan. Authentic. Trendy. Unbelievable. Join us at the Anomaly and have a great time. Register NOW and help us keep Busan blue.









Every Resistance Agent is welcome.
Help us turn Busan blue. 

Busan is quite a lovely place! Located along the coast, Korea’s second largest city offers ocean views, vibrant atmosphere and a great night life. There are so many fun things to do in Busan that it’s about time to have an Ingress anomaly as well. Join us with your friends and help us fight against the Enlightenend.

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Register with the Busan Resistance Team so you can be informed of all the RES meetups, team formation, strategy, afterparty location(s), etc. Registering here will also let us add you to our social media groups and chats for answering your questions. If you don’t register, you won’t be in the know!


In addition to registering with us, also register with Niantic to sign up for all the official events, which include the Anomaly itself, and any Mission Day, GoRuck, Intel Ops, or other events being run by Niantic. This registration lets your efforts be counted for your team, and is REQUIRED if you want a badge in your scanner.

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