Ingress Resistance invites you to Umbra Dresden Anomaly

12th October 2019

Join us and help that Dresden will be blue!


On 12th of October the Umbra XM Anomaly will happen in Dresden, the Capitol of the Free State of Saxony in Germany!

Play together, fight together, win together and have a lot of fun!

Welcome To Dresden.

Just in time for Batnight, the Europe-wide Day of the Bat, our swag shop opens its doors. Just 50 days to anomaly → the right time to dress up for the fight against green!

Remember MD Dresden?

Last year in April Dresden held its first Mission Day! Thanks due our perfect organization it was a fun event for over 1300 Ingress agents. But this time it gets serious: It’s time to fight the Enlightened and  make sure that Dresden will be blue!


Travelling to Dresden

Dresden can be reached by plane, by train, by bus or car.

By plane

Dresden: Dresden International Airport
its only 20min by train from the airport with a city ticket!
Prague:  Vaclav Havel Airport Prague
Berlin: Airport Berlin-Brandenburg
Leipzig: Leipzig/Halle Airport

By train

From Berlin 2 hours, single ticket starts from €20,-
From Prague 2 hours, single ticket starts from €15,-
From Frankfurt 4,5 hours, single ticket starts from €20,-
For more information and to book train tickets:

By bus

FlixBus as well Eurolines have good connections to Dresden
From Berlin 2,5 hours, single ticket starts from €10,-
From Prague 1,5 hours, single ticket starts from €12,-
From Frankfurt 7 hours, single ticket starts from €23,-


Registration Information

Register with Dresden’s Resistance Team so you can be informed of all the RES meetups, team formation, strategy, afterparty location(s), etc. Registering here will also let us add you to our social media groups and chats for answering your questions. If you don’t register, you won’t be in the know!

In addition to registering with us, also register with Niantic to sign up for all the official events, which include the Anomaly itself, and any Mission Day, GoRuck, Intel Ops, or other events maybe run by Niantic. This registration lets your efforts be counted for your team, and is REQUIRED if you want a badge in your scanner.



Thats the timetable for the anomaly weekend. It will be updated as soon as all dates are confirmed!

Timetable Friday
TBA Events, tours

11:00 Dresden suburbs Bus Tour
18:00 Dresden Tram Tour #1
18:00 Resistance Registration and Swag Pickup
18:00 GoRuck: Stealth Ops
19:00 Dresden Tram Tour #2

Timetable Saturday

TBA  Resistance Registration
TBA  Niantic Registration

TBA Start Anomaly
TBA End Anomaly
TBA  GoRuck
TBA  Group photo

TBA Resistance Party

Timetable Sunday

TBA Mission Day
10:00 GoRuck: Operation Clear Field

Public Transport

Dresden has well-developed public transport system consisting of trams, buses, suburban trains, ferries and the suspension and the funicular railway. Normally the cycle time during the day is 10min. The lanes pass through all night, but with extended cycle time.

In Dresden the use of the mobile ticket Handyticket is possible.


Bike for rent

In Dresden are everywhere Bikes by sz-bike available for rent. sz-bike is the local partner of Next Bike.


Make a Video Tour

Umbra Dresden.

What is an anomaly?

I’ve been hearing a lot about this anomaly thing lately, what is it?

In Ingress, the fight to keep a portal or a city blue is an everyday and ongoing battle. We try to protect humanity from the influence of exotic matter and the Shaper ingression.

At this official Ingress event we can measure our strength with our opponents. Armed with our phones, we fight in teams for specific portals in Dresden.

Instead of using your inventory, you will burn through your inventory at lightspeed!!! Instead of playing with others, you will be playing with thousands!!!

So what are we fighting for in this battle?

By winning we can influence the storyline (as to be seen in the Ingress reports on Youtube). Maybe you will even catch a glimpse of a storyline character. For more storyline intel look here:

We also fight for eternal fame and glory. But most of all, because it is fun! You can meet new people from across the globe, see a different city and work together.

Players who have been to other anomalies before are more than happy to help players who just started, because every agent counts and every agent can make a difference!

We would love to welcome you in Dresden!

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