Myriad Kaunas

July 27th, 2019


Welcome, Agent!


Resistance Lithuania invites you to join us at Myriad XM Anomaly and NL1331X research in Kaunas.


Explore the temporary capital of Lithuania and discover its unique cultural atmosphere where the two largest rivers of Lithuania meet.

Discover KAUNAS

Kaunas, the second largest Lithuania‘s city, which keeps the authentic spirit of the country‘s national character alive. The city is located at the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers, surrounded by the hills and situated at the crossroads of the most important roads in Lithuania. Due to its geographical position, today, Kaunas is Lithuania‘s most important center of communication. Kaunas is colorful city, famous by its street art, with probably the only square in the world that you can‘t get into – George Maciunas square, inspired by FLUXUS movement.









Experience the beauty of Lithuania together

Discover and explore Kaunas city as a great place for meetings, experience the city’s unique ambience and get introduced to a number of modern conference facilities and quality services, along with exciting leisure activities. The unique atmosphere of Kaunas can be explored, which is distinguished by the heritage of the painter and composer M. K. Čiurlionis.

Kaunas is not only a city of old traditions, but also a large centre of business and industry. It can also lay claim to be a city of young people with over 35,000 students (the largest number in Lithuania) studying at one of the seven universities here. For business and investors, our city offers friendly, open, and creative space for partnerships and cooperation.

The following is the schedule for the anomaly weekend. This information will be updated shortly before the event.

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Resistance Kaunas

Timetable Friday
19:00-… RES Registration, SWAG Pickup, Pre-party B2O Bar
Timetable Saturday
10:00-12:00 RES Registration, SWAG pickup Bar “Folkas”
12:30 Group photo Kaunas Castle
14:00-17:00 The Anomaly
19:00-… Afterparty


Timetable Sunday
10:00-17:00 Mission Day registration Bar “Folkas”
13:00-16:00 NL-1331X registration TBA


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