Drink and Eat

Or the other way around.

The “drink” part. Lithuania has a decent number of small breweries which produce various unique beers for you to try during your stay in Kaunas. There are quite many beers that are only available in local market so don’t miss a chance to try them out.
Please be aware legal drinking age in Lithuania is 20. Alcohol in regular stores are sold 10:00-20:00 Monday through Saturday and 10:00-15:00 on Sunday.

The “eat” part. When it comes to food, Lithuania does not really offer a genuinely authentic cuisine, however there are some meals which are either unique or at least prepared in a unique way thus making them different than in the rest of the world. In general, Lithuanian cuisine consists mostly of potato-full dishes as many other European countries, however some of them are really something you would not find anywhere else.

We do understand it’s a matter of taste and preference, therefore the list might not match everyone’s needs and the places we recommend are not necessarily rated as the best in public reviews. Treat them as Agent to Agent recommendations.

Lithuanian flag  next to a place indicates the places you can find Lithuanian food and drinks at.

See all of the places on a map: https://goo.gl/maps/gVsaziwuSfURNM8KA

Where is the beer?

The following is the list of bars we recommend in Kaunas.

  • NiSha Craft Beer Bar – most people would say it’s the TOP1 bar in Kaunas in terms of selection of beers. They also change the selection frequently so it’s hard to tell which exact beers you can expect to find.
  • NiSha Craft RestoBar – similar to NiSha Craft Beer Bar except for it offers less different beers but has some snacks and food which the former one does not. If you are more into drinks, then it’s strongly suggested to go for the Craft Beer Bar version of NiSha.
  • Hop Doc – you can find the famous Genys Brewery (Lithuanian brewing company) offerings at this place. Also serves decent food.
  • Vingių Dubingių aludė – a very good and wide selection of beers. Nearly as wide as you can find in NiSha.
  • Genys Taproom – if you’re brave enough to try the pure Lithuanian magic and love they put in beer, we dare you to try this place.
  • B2O – wide selection of decent to very good craft imported and some local beers both tapped and bottled. You can find a very good Lithuanian beer by the brewery called “Kuro Aparatūra” here. It might be a bit tricky finding it elsewhere.
  • Rebels Irish Pub – if you’re not hunting places which offer true Lithuanian tastes and would rather stick to world wide known brands or would just like to have a glass of whiskey and some food, this place might the right choice for you. Also offers food (burgers, sandwiches, snacks). It’s a bit more expensive than the other places in the list.
  • Džem’Pub – You might be disappointed if you’re looking for a good selection of beers after you visit this bar, but you will surely appreciate it if you love live atmosphere, music and crowded places. It’s alive!
  • rePUBlic – For some reason people like the place, it’s very popular among locals and tourists. It doesn’t offer any unique beers you wouldn’t find elsewhere or any sort of special food, but it’s crowded and it’s loud.
  • 2½ obuolio – If you are more into cider, you must visit this place during your stay.
  • Gero alaus parduotuvė – It’s not a bar, but rather a store where you can find some very good beers for take-away. Offers a few tables for consuming the purchases locally, however you shouldn’t expect too much of coziness.

I feel hungry!

Following is the list of recommended places for grabbing a bite or a full meal. Some of them offer authentic Lithuanian food and some are simply good restaurants representing cuisines from all over the world.

  • Višta puode – a place with a rather unique menu. They declare it to be the place where you can eat the nostalgic meals your grandmother used to make when you were a child. You might not relate if you’re not Eastern European, however you will definitely find unique meals you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world.
  •  Medžiotojų užeiga – the name in English would sound something similar to “Hunters Inn”. As the name suggests, you can expect to find the best of meat the wildlife has to offer in Lithuania. It’s an old school Lithuanian-style restaurant. Highly recommended.
  • Moksha🌿 – multi-cuisine (probably closest to the Indian one) unique place with beautifully served dishes.
  • Avilys🌿 – authentic Lithuanian food and authentic Lithuanian beer under the same roof. They even organize tours to their brewing rooms where they produce a beer you couldn’t find anywhere else in Kaunas. The place is very popular so you might be unlucky trying to get a seat without reservation.
  • Bernelių užeiga – If you feel like you squeezed out all the authentic Lithuanian experience possible from Avilys restaurant, this is the second place to go… or the first. In fact, you should visit them both.
  • Kuhne – a perfect place for a quick bite. They offer meals like burgers and short ribs. Just across the street for the famous “Prisikėlimo” church so it’s two nice places in one shot.
  • Lithuanian Pub Entry – offers a variety of Lithuanian-style snacks and drinks. Quite a wallet-friendly place.
  • Piano Piano – very nice Europian/Italian bar with good food and drinks. Perfect for evening with friends.
  • YZYBar – simple and cheap. However, the best quality you can get for the price. Not too many places still offer half a liter of beer for as little as €2.2. This one does. For that reason it’s usually crowded with students.
  • Pas Stanley – cozy bar/restaurant in the city center. Serves a very good breakfast. Perfect for grabbing a bite and a drink with your friends in the evening. Reserving in advance is recommended.
  • Piccola Italia 🌿- if you’re into Italian food wherever you go, this is truly the best you can find in Kaunas. Pizzas made with love, homemade fresh pasta and very nice desserts.
  • Radharanė🌿- rated as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Kaunas.
  • Masalaciti🌿– offers a good variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

🌿 = vegetarian friendly, might only offer a limited vegetarian menu.

As for desserts…

  • Ali šokoladinė – if you missed your dose of sugar this morning, don’t miss this place while walking around. High quality desserts and great coffee.
  • Spurginė – very well known place for its curd donuts. It would be a huge mistake not to try them out while visiting Kaunas. One of the oldest and most famous places in Kaunas.
  • Donut LAB – As the name suggests – donuts donuts donuts. Good donuts.