Moving around in Kaunas

Public transport

To get from one place to another within Kaunas, generally one would use public transport which is not expensive and can get you to most of the places in the city. The easiest way to check for the needed route is to open google maps since it has very well updated routes and timetables. Sometimes however the timetables in google maps do not exactly match the real ones, so if face any difficulties, you might want to download the Trafi app which offers a better up to date information and a pretty good route planner.

Please note you can only pay by cash if you buy a ticket from the driver and they’re not very happy if you give them amount larger than a couple of euros so to save some nerves and times for both you and the driver, it’s recommended to download the Žiogas app which allows you to buy and activate tickets in-app. Use the following links to download it: Android, iOS.



We really recommend you not to use the regular on-the-street taxi services as the quality of service is very poor, culture of the drivers is terrible and they are probably the least English speaking people in the city.

The most popular way other than public transport is an app called Bolt (Taxify). They way it works and its UI is very similar to Uber so most of you using the latter one should have no problems finding out how to use Bolt. You can find the download links on their website.

Download it, link your credit card and you’re off to go.

Note: You can also pay for your trips using Bolt app by cash if you check that option before ordering a trip.