Prepaid SIM card information

In general, Lithuania has a very well developed mobile network with a very good coverage and internet speeds. In case your own operator bundle doesn’t offer sufficient data package within EU or Lithuania in particular, it is worth considering buying a local prepaid SIM card. Mobile services are relatively cheap and very easily accessible in Lithuania.

There three mobile operators in Lithuania: Telia, Tele2 and Bitė. Within city limits they have almost the same coverage. In terms of speed, Telia tends to be more technologically advanced than the other two, but you won’t probably notice any difference while in Kaunas or other city of Lithuania. In that case it only comes to your preference, since prices is the same – 3 eur. Yes, all three mobile operators for the summer offers prepaid sim cards with 8GB of data for 3 eur. So we suggest to select on of there three:


All of the prepaid SIM cards can be purchased in most of grocery stores, kiosks, gas stations. No proof of identification is needed for prepaid SIM cards. You just put the card in, wait couple minutes and go make Kaunas blue!